Our Goals and Priorities

ICA's vision is to be the leading source of information, resources, and empowerment of youth in Kibera.

Our mission statement is to facilitate, promote, and animate youth and other marginalized communities for development through civic participation, social responsibility, and information dissemintation.

As an organization, our core values include commitment, accountability, creativity, and team work.

  1. We are committed to drawing attention to issues which affect the Kibera community and vocalizing these issues on a larger political scale so that the voices of the disenfranchised within Kibera can be heard, as they deserve to be.
  2. We believe in supporting accountability both within our own organization and on a larger scale, as well - including for political elections and processes at the local and national level.
  3. We feel that only with creativity and critical thinking can youth, and all residents of Kibera, implement solutions to the current problems Kibera is facing.
  4. At ICA our greatest strength has always been our members, and we will continue to enhance our ability to work as a team, augmenting our individual strengths by working together to implement creative and sustainable solutions to the challenges Kibera faces.
Our thematic priorities - those central issues which we focus on as an organization - include community engagement, youth empowerment, and civic participation and responsibility. All of our programs fall under one of these priorities.