Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Story: Migration into City Slum Kibera

I came to Kibera in 1994 to come and stay with my dad. My parents divorced when I was two years old. My dad married another wife and my mom was the one to take care of us. We were two children, Titus and myself. When I was barely five years old, my mom passed away. From then life was difficult. Even finding something to eat was hard. I ran from the rural area to Nairobi thinking it would better my life. Jobless in the Nairobi streets, being arrested by the town council was the daily routine. I saw my fellow children going to school being carried by a bus; I though of myself getting a better education but no one was there to listen to me.

One chilly morning, I came into contact with my uncle while picking food from the trash. He picked me and brought me to my father who by that time had a wife and a family. I stayed with my dad, but life grew harder and harder. The family was huge and it was survival for the fittest in terms of getting food and basic needs.
The stress of this life caused my father to become harsh. He came home drunk; he would send us to sleep outside; and he did not value education. He would beat my stepmother every day. I remember one night, they fought until my stepmother fell unconscious with bruises all over her body.

One morning in the hood, my friend who by that time was working as a volunteer at ICA approached me. He introduced me to their organization to come and see what they were doing. I didn’t know that was the beginning of a transformation in my life.

They taught me about gender violence. I went through the training and I was really empowered. And I learned to forgive my father and to deal with the situation when it occurred. I also engaged in their IT program. I was taught IT skills. I completed it and I am giving back to the youths in the community by teaching them. I really appreciate ICA for empowering me and letting me value life and transform other youths. Big up ICA kudos!

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