Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Story: Life in Kibera

I moved to Kibera in 2000 after my father resigned from his job, and at first life was not easy because of the new Kibera environment that I was exposed to. Until then, I had been the kind of a person that would speak negatively about Kibera since it was a slum. I never imagined that such a time would come but I had to face reality.

Having been born and brought up in a secure area, with all social amenities available, the adjustment I had to go through was drastic. Waking up to a noisy neighbourhood with open drainages and sharing bathrooms was something I had to work hard to deal with.

I had to adapt to the environment, like being transferred from my primary school to join another school and making new friends. Life was not easy, but even with all the challenges, I managed to finish my primary school education and join a secondary school in the rural area for four years.

After my secondary education, I had to come back and apply for my college education. I stayed for two years without attending school, and during these years, life for me was difficult.

I had friends who exposed me to drugs like miraa and marijuana, and robbery life just to get fast money to buy clothing and shoes to be on the fashion trend.

After a year, I made the decision to have a better life, and got a sponsor who took me to school for computer studies for a year. Currently, I am at university studying Social Development. Life can still be challenging though. Sometimes I have to walk four kilometres (2.5 miles) to school or to Kibera at night, which can be dangerous, because I can’t afford the bus, and school fees are still an issue. Above all, life for me must continue despite its trials.

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