About Us

ICA is a youth-focused community-based organization located in the heart of Mashimoni Village, Kibera. Formed in 2003 by three friends as an after-school soccer league, ICA has grown into one of the most recognized and respected youth organizations working within Kibera. At ICA, we pride ourselves on being staffed entirely by Kibera residents (or those who have previously lived in Kibera); this means we really are an organization by Kiberans for Kiberans. Despite the environmental challenges of working so deeply within the community, rather than on the outskirts of Kibera, this also situations us in a unique position to understand the complexities of life in an informal settlement. Furthermore, our position in the community means that more of the money we receive can be spent on programming which benefits the community, rather than paying for members' transport fees to and from the office.

We are as deeply invested in our work as we are in our community - in fact, we view the two as so intimately connected that they cannot be separated. With all of our programs, our ultimate goal is a civically responsible Kibera community which embraces national values like cultural diversity.