Friday, 8 July 2011


(from left to right)

Stephen Kennedy Omolo (Ken) has been at ICA the longest of the four, he joined ICA when it was still known as ISSA, as a Mr. Kibera pageant contestant in 2007. After which he was the ambassador to spear head the campaign on Peace and Environment. Later on, he was heading the health and environment program from 2008 to 2010.  Ken has a passion for acting, participating in the Wasanii Wa Amani that was a partnership with Carolina for Kibera (CFK). He also participated in the Amnesty International Campaign against forced evictions. And later he was one of the 15 thespians trained by PSI to work on the implementation of Sita Kimya campaign. Currently, he is the theatre team coordinator and the book-keeper. He is a graduate  in Business Administration from Kenya Polytechnic University College.

Stephen Omondi Okello (Steve) joined ICA last year in February, as then the 15 actors trained by Population Service International (PSI) , to implement the project of Sita Kimya. Later, he was recruited as the Eagle Project Coordinator in the IT field and continues his work in that today. Also, Steve is currently implementing an after school program for the youth in the area on Sunday afternoons, with educational movies and games. Lastly, Steve has been involved in starting a set-book screening every Saturday afternoon for form three and form four students. He is studying Community Development at the University of Nairobi and as the first born, he is an immense help to his family living in Kibera. He is passionate about his work and his motto is “Do what you love, and love what you do.”

Timothy Mutinda (TMK) is the newest member of ICA, he was involved in the Sita Kimya campaign, and he currently assists in the after school program on Saturdays and Sundays. Living in Kibera, he is passionate about the issues that face the current youth and seeks to better his community.

Wyckliffe Okello was introduced to ICA last year in September, through our involvement with the Sita Kimya campaign. Wiky has lived in Kibera for the last 17 years, he loves football and working with children. At ICA, he is currently working on the Eagle Project with Steve, also he his assisting in the after school set-book screening program. He enjoys to work hard and plans in the future to attend college to study lab technician.  

These are the four men who run the ICA office, everyday and work so hard to make their local community a better place. ICA would not be surviving without them.

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